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Silver Ring, Honey Amber, Elephant-AA1024M Reglabil

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Amber is highlighted in every DARCHI jewelry piece, and rings are an integral part of the collection. Amber and silver blend perfectly, managing to complement each other in a play of shapes and colors.

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An elegant and distinctive silver ring, adorned with a beautiful amber stone outlined by a fine line of silver in the shape of an elephant. The ring is adjustable and can be worn with ease, adding an exotic and unique touch to your outfit.

The elephant is a powerful symbol of loyalty, wisdom, and strength in the culture of many countries and communities. In jewelry, the elephant can represent these qualities, being a popular choice as a talisman for luck and protection. Additionally, the elephant can be associated with wealth and prosperity, bringing a feeling of abundance and success.


  • Metal & Material: Silver
  • Piatra: Amber
  • Dimensiuni: Reglabil


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